Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh the times they are a 'changin....

Well, before I get to the main point of this point, I'll update about our illnesses. Maggie had an ear infection...AGAIN! She also had managed to have a bit of an eye infection. Some antibiotics and eye drops later and she's as good as new. She still has a runny nose, but it's that time of the year. I am also feeling much better as I've been taking my OTC drugs for a while now.

Now to the main reason for this post....... It's official. Maggie can FINALLY crawl!!! I know. She's almost 10 months old, but whatever! She's been thinking about it for a couple of weeks, but she just wouldn't do it. However, this morning she finally decided to get on the move. Now she's not good at it yet, and she doesn't want to do it all the time. BUT she can do it. We've both seen her. I figure it will be a couple of weeks before she's really good at it, and I'm going to try to enjoy that time until I have to put up the kiddie gate. The kitty just knows she's in BIG trouble. We're all excited and got it on video. Anyway, we're pretty excited but sad at the same time. Our baby really is growing up. Before we know it, she'll be 1!!!

Here's some pics for your Maggie fix....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ugh...that's it, UGH!!

Okay, I was okay with me being sick. I've had a stuffy nose, sneezy, coughing, etc. Maggie has also had a runny nose, but now she might have PINKEYE! Could it get any worse? Poor baby. I'm miserable. She's miserable. Daycare made her leave. I have a doctor's appointment in about 40 minutes. I just feel UGH! For Maggie, of course, I'd do anything, but if I get pinkeye......things will be ugly around here!

I'm now done feeling sorry for myself. Thanks so much.

Friday, January 11, 2008

9 months have FLOWN by!

Guess who is 9 months old???! It's MAGGIE!!!!!

Here's our normal posting of stats....
Weight 19lbs. 7 oz.
Height 28 inches
Head 17 3/4 inches

She's getting so big. Before we know it, we'll be planning our 1st birthday party!!! How exciting!!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More pics!!!!!!!!

I'm tired of being tired!!!

Well, the holidays came and went, and I don't feel any more rested. KWIM? The first week was all right except that I still had to dash around buying last minute present. I'm just that kind. I'll never be that lady that is done with her Christmas shopping in October. It's just not in my nature. Then we went to Florida to see Aaron's sister and mom. I love both of these families, and we had a great time having Christmas and staying at a condo. I even managed to get a tan since we went to the pool for 5 days! Can you believe that?! But it just wore me out. I was worried about getting there since Maggie's never been on a plane. She did just fine, but I was pretty much a nervous wreck until we touched down. I didn't want to be "THAT LADY" with the annoying baby. Then we had about a 3 hour drive to get to our first destination. After that we went to the condo. It was really nice. We had our own bedroom....but the bed was super soft. That is simply unacceptable. Aaron slept most nights on the floor! I can't do that, but I sure wanted to! The time there was pretty relaxing...going to the pool and all. But I'm the type that just wants to sit around, not put make-up on, not shower(gross, I know) and hang out in my jammies all day on vacation. That did NOT happen, and I am sad. Then we went to our third and final destination before heading back to the airport to do the flight thing all over again. Again, I was a nervous wreck. Again, Maggie was fine...even though she was much more of a handful thanks to an irritating flight attendant. Here's that story----She was sleeping all peacefully when the flight attendant came to get something out of the overhead compartment for someone right across the aisle from us. Then she SLAMMED it shut. Maggie almost jumped out of her skin and immediately woke up. I could have killed her! But all's well that end's well!

All in all it was a great Christmas. We hung out with the Rouws, Hulletts, Learneds, Hoods and Frankenbachs! We saw each side of the Christmas. We met new cousins and aunts and grandparents....crazy! I'll leave you with some pics of all the good times!! Enjoy!