Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All I want for Christmas is....

Maggie has her first tooth. Yep, she's not quite 4 months old, and there it is. I'm a little afraid of her getting teeth though...you know, the biting and all. Ouch! It's making her pretty cranky too. I think it hurts her, but it's not like she can tell me or anything. I hear that genetics plays a role in how early you get teeth. I guess it's true. I had my first tooth at 4 months, and Maggie even managed to beat me. Now we're just waiting for the next one. Hopefully at some point I will be able to get a picture of it even though Maggie refuses to smile when I bring out the camera. Oh well!

I know you can't tell, but I had to cut Maggie's hair a few weeks ago. I was a little concerned that she seemed to be sporting a mullet. Now we can't have that! Since then I have been doing some hair experimentation, but it's not working so well. See picture above. Her hair is just so baby fine like mine used to be. It was such a pain when I was younger, but maybe hers will get better.... But it's still cute!

Dang it....I've been tagged!

1. First memory:
Well, I do remember being about 3. My sister was starting kindergarten, and she got this cone thing with all these gifts in it. I wanted ALL her stuff, and Khristy, as usual, gave it to me! :o) I'm so bad!

2. First kiss:
A boy named Michael, and he was actually a good kisser. I was 12.

3. First concert:
I saw Steven Curtis Chapman when I was in middle school. I guess that counts. I didn't even know who he was at the time. My friend Heather invited me.

4. First Love:
A guy named Michael(not the same guy I kissed). We dated for a looooooooong time. He was a high school sweetheart, but I knew when it was time to move on.

5. First crush:
I don't even remember.

6. First thing you think in the morning:
Is it time to feed Maggie already? :o) It was 5!

7. First book you remember loving:
Trixie Belden....if you haven't read her, try and find one. She's awesome...kind of like Nancy Drew but better and sassier!

8. First pet:
A cat named Grub.

9. First question you'll ask in Heaven:
Hmmmm...that's tough! Maybe...where's the rest of my fam?

10. First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation:
Anywhere away from home at this point! I do so love going places. Right now the word Italy comes to mind...

11. First best friend:
Gosh, I had lots in elementary school. My best best friend was this girl named Chrissy Massey. We were certainly a pair. She lived about a mile from me, and we were inseparable! Then I moved to Texas!

12. Last time you dressed up:
Britney and Brad's wedding

13. Last thing you ate:
muffin for breakfast this morning(it's weight watchers, no worries!)

14. Last CD you bought:
I bought the Wedding Singer soundtrack

15. Last book you read:
Can't remember the title. It's by Linda Howard.

16. Last time you cried:
I cried this past week when I saw Maggie roll over for the first time. It was a happy moment, but I was sad that Aaron wasn't there!

17. Last movie you saw:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Love it!

18. Last time you told someone you love them:
Aaron...just a little while ago.

19. Last really funny thing you did:
I can't remember. I'm not funny at all. :o)

20. Last thing you watched on TV:
Baby Einstein video

21. Last Halloween Costume:
I haven't dressed up in a long time. It was probably about 4 years ago. I went to this party dressed as Bonnie...from Bonnie and Clyde. LOVED the costume! I had fishnets, a beret, the works!

Well, there you go. I did it. Ugh!

Later, I'll post about my lovely trip to Galveston! I'm sure you're all waiting with great anticipation!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter.........

Okay, JoeDan and Kelli took Aaron and me to see the Harry Potter preview last night. First of all, let me say that I really do miss going to the movies, and Aaron and I are going to try to do it more often. Now on to important things.......

I am really more than a little bit obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies. When the movie actually started(after about 20 minutes of previews), I actually got tears in my eyes. It's like I'm seeing friends that I haven't seen in years, and I genuinely miss them. Sorry if you think that's weird, but that's always how I've been with books. The characters become my friends, and I miss them when they're gone. I won't bother with the plot since the book has been out for years and all, but this has been my favorite book for a long time. I reread it in anticipation of the movie, and I wasn't disappointed. The movie was good. It's never as good as the book, but that's to be expected. I try really hard not to expect too much because then I'm always disappointed. I believe that's pretty natural. But here are some things I liked and didn't like....( Kelli, I swear that I'm not copying you. :o))

*still think they do a great job on the characters...I applaud their choices
*glad to see Neville looking a lot less goofy
*pleasantly surprised that I liked Snape in this one...even though he wasn't in it much
*interesting to already see Ginny looking all jealous...and glad she's getting so precious
*enjoyed Tonks but wanted bubble gum pink hair
*really liked the big battle scene even though it wasn't what I pictured
*Voldemort is super scary and icky to me...it's good to have a really BAD villain

*I will never like this Dumbledore better than the first one. I know the first one died, but it's just how I feel.
*wanted to see how the DA couldn't see the thestrals and how weird that would be to ride on them when it was just like air to them
*like Kelli I was looking forward to seeing the fountain...come on people, it was right there!
*wanted more development on the people in the Order

I do want to say that I liked the movie. It was good. Now I am so waiting for the last book....


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why...why...why am I up???

Here's some of Miss Maggie..........who you all really want to see....

Yep, it's really late on Thursday night, and I'm still up. It's pretty terrible actually. I really WANT to go to sleep, but I just can't yet. Here's why....I have a UTI! Ugh! Sorry if that grossed anyone out. I'm just pretty mad about it. If you've ever had a UTI, you know why I'm still up. So, here's my topic of the night....Doc in the Box. I went to one for the first time tonight. That's what happens when you need to see someone after 9:00. Anyway, it wasn't so bad. I was just glad I had somewhere to go. Then my sweet husband went to the 24 hour CVS pharmacy just for me! It was probably the greatest gift I have ever received. :p So here I am just waiting for the meds to kick in, but back to Doc in the Box. I had to pay more than the usual copay. WHAT!?? Does this make sense to anyone? If I could have waited until the next day, I certainly would have....and the copay would have been$20 less. That's right...$20 less. That stinks! Then I had to you know what...pee in a cup. I was just hoping that was all over after the whole pregnancy thing! Ugh! Anyway, I just want to say that it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be.

Now on to other not so gross topics.....
The 4th of July was fun. Actually all the fun started on the 3rd. We went to see Kaboom Town. Always a good show! Maggie woke up and got to see her first fireworks, and she wasn't scared a bit. I'll post some pics of that soon. Then on the actual 4th we went to Kelli and JoeDan's to have a cook out. Fun times! Fun peeps were there. I didn't do so well on the eating front, but it could have been way worse. That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be in my bed soon........