Thursday, July 09, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Isn't she a happy baby??!

Maggie's daddy makes her a "tent" in the house, and they play and have lots of fun!

I had the pleasure of taking Riley to the cardiologist yesterday for a checkup of the little holes in her heart. She last went at 1 month, so it's been a while. Riley was a great patient. They checked her oxygen 99% which is great(anything above 95 apparently is fine). Then she had an EKG. She didn't love this but didn't fuss at all. Then they did a heart echo thing. This takes a while. She has to lay down, and they use a sono wand to check everything out. It turns out the holes are still there. One is now too small to measure, and the other is 2 mm. We have another and hopefully our last checkup in another year. She'll be 19 months then. That may be a very different visit! Anyway, her heart is fine and working well. These holes will not limit her, and they totally expect them to be gone by the next visit. The doctor couldn't even hear the murmur anymore. So, all in all it was a great visit. A big thanks to my parents for keeping Maggie while I went to the appointment! It sure it easier to only have one of them to cart around. Hopefully I'll be a better blogger!