Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Woo hoo...2 posts in one night....

I will post the pictures later, but I wanted to tell you all about our trip to get our hair cut. Well, Maggie got hers cut, and I just sat there. So here's the story....Maggie was getting a mullet, so I tried to cut her hair. It didn't look so hot, and Aaron gave me a super hard time about it. Ugh! So Kelli and I took Maggie to Cool Cuts for Kids. It was pretty fun. A lady named Delilah(who names their child this??) cut her hair as she sat in my lap. It was funny since I had to wear the lovely gown around me too. Maggie didn't fuss at all. She just sat there. Afterward they took a cute picture and gave me some of her hair. It was a really great experience. I would highly recommend it to those whose husbands apparently have nothing better to do than gripe about haircuts. :o) Just kidding! It really did look good though, and it was finally out of her eyes. Too cute!

Here are some pics.....

Hail, hail the gang's all here. This was on vacation in Galveston. I love how Maggie is just ignoring everyone...including me behind the camera.

Can't you tell that Maggie's having a wonderful time with her cousin JD. She just looks soooo happy!!

I just love this picture because she looks like she's pouting. Check out that lip!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

4 month appointment

We went in for Maggie's four month appointment on Monday. The thing about going to the ped is that there's good and bad stuff. The good first..... Maggie weighs 14 lbs. 3 oz. Yeah, I knew she was packing on the weight. :o) She's 25 1/2 inches long. Her head is 16 1/4 inches. Big head=big brain! She actually moved up on her growth curve. Yeah me!

Now the bad.... 4 shots again! Ugh! I do not do well when this happens. It just seems so mean. She can't understand what's going on. It's not like you can explain to her how very important it is to get shots. Nope! She just cries. So sad! Then she was horribly fussy yesterday....all day pretty much after that. Today was much better!

Okay, that's it for now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

First vacation....

I totally forgot that I said that I would post about our trip to Galveston. Maggie and I went with my parents and 1 niece and nephew and stayed in Galveston. On the way we stopped off and hung out with my cousin and her new little boy Cameron. He's a cutie! Then we traveled on. It was Maggie's first taste of the beach, and she wasn't overly impressed. It was just too bright and humid for her. I kind of got a kick out of her pretty much burying her face in my shoulder every time we walked outside. Silly girl! My parents with the older grandkids in tow went to Moody Gardens and had a good time. Maggie and I stayed at the house. I just couldn't imagine carting her around all day. Oh well! There's always next time. We went down to the Strand to do some shopping, but my only purchases were a magnet(see my fridge next time you're over) and some saltwater taffy for my lovely husband who wasn't able to go with us. :o( I think that I'll wait until Aaron can go and Maggie is older to do that again. I just kind of felt left out....she's just too little still. There will be plenty more family vacation to come. I'm sure we'll look like the Griswalds, and it will be sad!

Hi, my name is Becky, and I'm a shopaholic.....

It's true. I really am, and this is NOT about me. I LOVE buying stuff for Maggie, but it's getting out of hand. Seriously! It's like I can't even leave the house without buying her something. When I was her age, I probably had like 7 outfits that my parents just rotated. :o) Well, it probably wasn't that bad! I just feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of money on this stuff. I just have to see her in cute stuff. It's really a disease. People will GIVE me stuff. Am I gracious about it? Heck no! If I don't think it's cute, out it goes. I'm not kidding. Like I said, I have a problem! I don't really see how I can make it better, but I wanted to just put it out there. Now you know.......(and knowing is half the battle)....