Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still preggers

I'm about to hit 40 weeks, and I'm still pregnant. For those of you who want more info on what that means, I'll just say this....there is NOTHING happening. Now I was pretty down about this since I'm pretty tired of being pregnant and seeing all the GREAT spring clothes out there. I may just go on a shopping spree just to have some super looking clothes to look forward to. I don't think I'll be pregnant forever anyway. I'm feeling more upbeat about it. I guess that Maggie is having a super good time in there, and I really don't have any choice in the matter. Hopefully God is deciding that my time is growing short. Knowing how little patience I have in general makes me wonder if God's playing a little bit of a joke on me. I probably deserve it. Let's only hope that I learn from it!

On another note I'm DONE with work for the year. Yes, I have to do lesson plans for my sub and put in grades at the end of the nine weeks, but that's not a big deal. I'm just glad to not be on my feet any longer. Now I feel like I can put my feet up, get some last minute chores done, and WAIT.... Now the waiting is the hardest part(Thank you Tom Petty), but I'm sure I can find some stuff to keep me occupied.

Yeah for basketball! I just love this time of the year. There's good basketball on almost all the time between March madness and some pretty good NBA games(Go Mavs) as well. I'm enjoying it immensely!!! I was quite disappointed by the showing of Kansas yesterday. Ugh! They played just terribly! I was hoping for all #1 seeds in the final four, but it was not to be! Now I guess I'll be routing for anyone against Florida(sorry Josh). It's not even so much that I don't like Florida, but I don't want the same team to win 2 years in a row. Plus, I can't stand to hear the name Noah again. Seriously, get off his bandwagon. He's good. We get it!! :o)

Please send labor vibes my direction. As much as I'd probably prefer Maggie to have a diamond birthstone over an aquamarine, I am ready to kind of have my body back. The parasite must go!!!!

I'll keep you informed..........

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Seriously...isn't she baked enough?

There comes a point when you're just ready.....ready for it all to be over. I am so over the big belly. I am so over the cankles that I now have. I am so over having a hard time tying my own shoes. I am so over her just about killing me with all the kicking and turning! Enough already. I am sending the eviction notice. I'm full term. Of course, I know it's easier on this side, but I'm just about done with this side. You know??! I realize I shouldn't complain. I've had an easy pregnancy overall. I'm still sleeping at night. I know that the swelling could be way worse. My health has been fine, and Maggie is doing well. It just kind of gets hard to count your blessings at the end.

Enough about being pregnant.......

It's almost spring break! The weather is beautiful. The grass is growing. Trees are blooming. Short-sleeved shirts are coming out of the closet. I think I'll leave the shorts in for a while. Ha ha! I just love this time of the year. It's just about perfect. Not too hot....not too cold. Beautiful! No work for a week!!!! Now that's really lovely!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe spring break. For those of you who don't have any time off, get out there and walk or bike ride or something..... You know what's coming.... TEXAS SUMMER! Walk in the sunshine...go for a picnic....enjoy all that God has created!!!!