Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So cold!

I gripe when it's too hot. I gripe when it's too cold. I am really never happy except for a few short weeks usually sometime in late April or early May. :o) It's pretty much the truth though. Sweating...gross! Freezing...not fun! I am super glad for my wonderful husband who has been making me lovely fires to get through this cold spell. I only wish there would be some snow to go along with all this chilly weather. That would be nice!

There's a lot going on around here. Last week we had our small group Christmas party. It was super fun. I ate waaaay too much, but there's nothing new there! I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping done, but it's been pretty difficult. Thank goodness for the internet or I'm not sure if I'd have any gifts! Only one more week of school to go before our break. Hooray! This week Jeff and Linda are coming to visit. They will be hanging out here until Christmas Eve. This coming Friday will be Maggie's program at school. I don't know what they're doing, but they've been "practicing" for some time. Ummmm...should be interesting. I'll let you know when I know what in the world they're doing. We're spending Christmas Eve night with my family. On the 27th we'll be heading out to see Debbie, Frank, Angela, Perry, Briannah and Cadence. We're so excited to see Cadence since we haven't met her yet! It should be fun!!! At some point this week I hope to get my hair done. Maggie MUST have her picture taken with Santa as well. Thank goodness there's no Kindermusik! Somehow I'm sure I'll manage to get everything done. I will certainly be happy when this week is OVER!

Maggie pics....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to the least for a few more weeks!

Thanksgiving was fabulous. We always have such a great time in Little Rock. I love seeing all my family, and Aaron fits right in. This year there were a lot of new babies that joined. Since last year, there have been 3 new additions. It made it more fun, but it's pretty hard to keep everyone constantly entertained and try to keep on a sleep schedule. Whatever! I'm already looking forward to next year!!

We had some lovely family photos taken by Angela. They are so great. We will be giving many of them as gifts. Thanks Angela!!

This next Saturday the big Christmas shopping begins. I'm so excited. There will be my fav girls, yummy food to start us off and lots of money to spend. My kind of day! I only wish I knew what to get everyone....

Here's some Maggie pics to end with. Life is good.

Okay, I know I'm mean, but I LOVE this picture. So funny! Can you tell that she was fed up!??