Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maggie stats

I just realized that I never posted Maggie's stats for her 2 year old visit. I had to go to that one, and it was not super fun. Maggie is not that fond of strangers in general, and our doctor was no exception. She hated every minute of it and pretty much screamed the whole time. Oh well. I wasn't that worried about it. She only had one shot, so that was good. Here are her stats...

Weight 27 lbs.
Height 35 inches

I'm not sure about the percentiles on those, and I can't find her sheet. Goodness knows what I did with it. We sure do love our moody, crazy 2 year old!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maggie is 2...and has been for a bit!

I realize that I never really posted about Maggie turning 2. It's just been pretty crazy around here. Some days I am pretty sure I'm taking crazy pills, but I'm sure it will get easier...some day...some year...whatever.

We didn't want to have Maggie's party at our house again mostly because it really always stresses me out, and I don't have a good time. I know it's ridiculous, but I'm constantly cleaning up, messing with food, etc. So we decided to have the party at The Little Gym. Maggie goes to class there every week and just LOVES it, so it was our first choice. We kind of slacked off getting around to firm up the date and ended up having the party the day before Easter. It was fine. We had cousins, friends, adult friends...all the gang. It seemed like everyone had a good time.

Here's what Maggie is up to these days... She knows TONS of words. I'm not even going to bother to count, but she has an incredible vocabulary. And boy, does she like to talk!!!! She can jump with both feet off the ground, drink out of a regular cup, feed herself with minimal messes, loves being outside, and loves her daddy more than anything in the world. She enjoys choosing her own clothes and shoes which drives me crazy since they don't always match. Her hair has some crazy corkscrew curls in it that we're pretty sure came from the mailman. She does not enjoy smiling for any cameras and can take a long time to warm up to strangers. We do so love her. I just can't imagine my life without her!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More pics.....

What a sweet baby!

The birthday party.... Maggie is 2!! So crazy to think about!