Saturday, November 08, 2008

First broken bone

On Friday I had a workshop to go to in a different town. About 10:30 I got a call from daycare.....NEVER a good thing. I listened to my messages. It seems that some other child managed to pull down a shelf, and it landed on Maggie's foot. It bruised and was swelling. They applied ice for a little bit, but she seemed(in the beginning) to be okay. Then she started limping around on it a bit. The daycare was in touch with Aaron, and he was planning to come and get her after nap time. So he got a doctor's appointment and went and got her. It didn't look so great, so they sent her to a sports doctor where they could do x-rays and then give her a cast if necessary. Well, it was necessary, so our sweet baby now has a lovely pink cast. She has a fracture on the top of her foot. Normally they probably wouldn't have put a cast on it, but it's not like she'd leave on one of those boot things. I felt so terrible that I wasn't in town even though it ultimately wouldn't have mad a difference. Thank goodness that Aaron was able to leave, get her an appointment and get it taken care of. If not, it would not have been a fun weekend. She's walking around on it, and she's getting faster and faster. In two weeks they'll take it off and check it out. Here's some pics......Yes, she's eating guacamole in the last picture. Gross!