Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time Goes By....

I am not a super blogger by any stretch. There have been a few things going on, so I'll try to post some.

The girls and I have joined a moms group beyond just hanging out with my friends. It's been pretty fun. The moms are nice, and we get out of the house A LOT. Riley isn't afraid of anything, and I'll be glad when she and Maggie can pal around more. Maggie still seems to enjoy playing with older kids instead of ones her age. Oh well! What can you do?? I'm just glad she really enjoys making friends wherever we go.

Texas has had a lot of snow this winter. It's crazy. Riley and I didn't enjoy it so much. I don't like all that wet and cold. Riley just still wasn't a good walker, so I knew she would probably just face plant and then scream. Maggie LOVES getting out in the snow though. She would stay out for hours and comes in all frozen! She enjoys throwing snowballs at people. Aaron threw one too hard at her once, and it was soooooo funny. I can't help it that I like to laugh at my children. I'm sure it will give them a tough skin when they're older(hopefully).

Riley is FINALLY a walker. It only took her 14 months, and she's still not walking all the time. However, she is pretty good at it. For me, this just means that she can get into more stuff...which she's pretty good at already. On the plus side, I won't have to carry her everywhere soon, but that also means that it will take us FOREVER to walk anywhere.

They're growing up too fast. Maggie is almost 3, and Riley is almost 15 months. Sadness!

Riley loves to point at people, especially when they're taking her picture.

Look at all that snow!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Please Pray!!

Our friends Rod and Kamara and their daughter Aubrey are in need of prayers right now. Kamara delivered her 2nd sweet baby girl at 24 weeks. Please pray for this family. Here's the link....