Monday, August 31, 2009

Am I crazy or just optimistic??

So we've been potty training for a while. It's been going well, in fact, that I decided to have her stop wearing a diaper for naps and at night. Naps have been good so far. She's stayed clean and dry. 2 out of 3 of the last nights she has been dry too, but then there's last night. At some point she wet the bed, but she DIDN'T GET UP. Who knows when it happened? It could have been right before she got up or at any point between about 10:30-6. Ugh! She just slept in her pee. Now this was NOT the reaction that I was looking for. I thought she'd freak out and then get up. *sigh* I'm going to continue with just panties mostly because she's done so well, but I'm starting to wonder if we'll still be working on this until we're 5 or something. I know that I'm being overly dramatic. I'm just wondering when you're totally and completely DONE with it...not just during the day but forever.

I do have to say though that I'm really proud of her. It really hasn't been as awful as I was expecting, and we don't have very many accidents at all. I just have to stick with it, but a teeny part of me is just hoping that Riley will train herself when that time comes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I swore to myself that I'd never post this kind of thing on here, but really...what better things do I have to think/talk about in the middle of the day??! I'll try to come up with something better soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So What Now???

Well, I'm now officially a stay at home mom. It's the first day for teachers around here to go back to school, and I'm at home. I'm not exactly sure I can express exactly how I feel about that. I'm excited to be home with my babies, but.... My job does give me some identity. I love what I do. I can honestly say that I made a difference when I went to work. I felt like I was pretty good at it. I enjoyed the excitement that was always there at the beginning of each year. I loved fixing up my room. I LOVED meeting my kids and their families. I had a lot of really good teacher friends. So now I'm in a funk. I'll stay busy and meet other mommies and their kids. I'll take the kiddos to fun places and teach them lots of things. I'll be more sure later, but I'm worried that I made the wrong choice for me. *sigh* I'm just really sad today. Any advice out there? I know that I should feel grateful that staying home is even an option for me, but I'm just antsy already.... All you teachers out there love on your students for me. I miss it....

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fun in the sun and sand

We decided to take a family trip to Destin, Florida this year. We were there for a week with my parents, my sister and her fam, my cousin and her fam and my aunt. Yep, there were 9 adults and 6 kids in one huge house. Actually it was two big houses, and my parents and my aunt stayed in the 2nd house. It was wild and crazy but so fun. Now I have been to the beach before. I've been to beaches in Florida, California, Mexico and even a couple abroad. But I just wasn't prepared for how pretty the beach was. The sand was a beautiful white color. The water was so clear that you could see right down to your feet. It was lovely. It was kind of hard for Aaron and I to maneuver between the two kids on different nap schedules. Plus, Riley wasn't the biggest fan of the sand and ocean. I'm hoping that it will be better next year as we are planning to make it a yearly trip. I'm already looking forward to next year!!!

Fun in Destin!

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I can't believe how high he throws her. She LOVES it! Next year it will be Riley's turn too!