Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing out of the ordinary..

Well, the trips of the summer are over. Aaron's mom came and stayed with us for a few days. We had lots of fun, and I ate so much I thought I would pop. Whenever Debbie now comes to visit Texas, she eats "Texas" food. There's really nothing better, but you want to talk about fattening! While she was here we had fajitas(yes, these don't have to be fattening--if you don't add sour cream, cheese, etc.), ribs, and then more Mexican food. While she was with her other family/friends that live here, she also did chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and barbecue. I felt like I gained 5 pounds while she was here, but now life is more back to normal. Kelli and I are back on the working out wagon which is a super good thing. I feel quite lazy here right before school starts, so I need some motivation. Also, I've been up to school the past few's almost here already. I enjoy getting ready ahead of time though because you're never sure how long some stuff will take. Never good when there's not a lot of time to spare! :o)

Kelli and I have decided to go to jazzercise class. I'm sure this will be quite comical. I know that I will go because paying for stuff like that motivates me. I only hope we can keep up with all those who've been going for a while. We'll be those two girls in the back who keep looking around, hoping NO ONE is looking at us! Y'all know what I'm talking about. You've all been there.

Besides that, it's all about school for me now. I always get SOOOOO excited at the start of a new year. When that doesn't happen anymore, that's when I'm done as a teacher. There's always the fresh start of a new year. Looking forward to it......

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ignorance really can be bliss!

There's a lot of things that I will say that I am relatively proficient. Computers is just not one of them. Now before you all think I'm an idiot(I'm talking to you geeks out there), I know how to do what I consider to be regular stuff. I can email, blog, change my computer settings as I please, do powerpoint, great in stupid old Word, manuever around the internet, etc. So I can do some stuff, but the jargon alludes me. The Verizon folks came today to put in cable and computer stuff. We got rid of Comcraptastic(as Aaron refers to it). The guy is attempting to show me the remote first of all, and apparently I didn't get enough sleep. He was telling me stuff about a million miles an hour. I uh huhed and nodded appropriately, but seriously!! I'll just figure it out myself or, heaven forbid, read the instruction book.'s a remote! But then this other guy(how many Verizon guys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?.....3!!) started chatting with me about the computer stuff. He was telling me about where the router number was and other information that I might need if I wanted to change the router number blah, blah, blah, blah. What in the world? Is that really something that I need to know? If so, could we put it into layman terms?? I don't begin the year discussing fluency levels and talking about ways to bolster their comprehension levels. When we begin discussing onomatopoeias, I call them sound words. I figure it takes a while for them to get those kind of words. Why don't these Verizon people figure that some people just have NO IDEA what they're talking about?? Plus, does anyone really care? Hmmmm.....I've managed to get through 31 years(yep, I'm old) without my life falling apart because I don't know what a router number is. Who cares anyway?? :o) I'll just go and look it up so I won't feel stupid next time....

Monday, July 10, 2006

We're NOT pregnant....seriously!

Aaron and I traveled to Greenville, South Carolina, for 4 days to go to a family reunion. It was actually his stepmom's family, but it was fun. I got to meet the step siblings and all their families. Plus it was fun to see where Linda(stepmom) comes from. Here was the downside.....EVERYBODY is pregnant. Aaron's sister is pregnant. Aaron's stepsister is pregnant. Aaron's step sister in law is pregnant. So basically they're all due within 3 months: one in December, one in January, and one in February. The whole time people were asking if we're shooting to have a March baby and stuff like that. Give it a rest, people! It's stressful enough thinking about having a baby without everyone acting like you need to get on the ball and do it already. Seriously!!! :o)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A whole year!!!!

Hard to believe....but true. Aaron and I have already been married a year. Our anniversary has actually already come and gone a few days ago. For our anniversary Aaron took me to Denver to see Tom Petty(with Pearl Jam to start). It was awesome. I've actually been to only one other "real" concert. I saw Widespread Panic with Aaron last year. I have been to some Christian concerts, but none of them were super big. Plus the atmosphere is totally different. I had such a great time. WE had such a great time. We made our way around Denver like we lived there or something. We rode the public transportation and never got lost. It was not too much cooler there than Texas during the day, but the humidity was much less. I was almost sad to return today because the sky there was crystal clear, there was a breeze, and it was lovely. Oh well! In another couple of days we'll be heading to South Carolina. Fun times! For all of you out there that LOVE family reunions, you understand my pain. :o) Just kidding! I've never been to South Carolina before, so it will be yet another adventure. Go Tom Petty!!!!!!!!!