Thursday, September 27, 2007 for your lives!

I'm starting to think I'm never going to have a normal day at school. We were on our way outside to recess when we saw a tarantula prancing in the hall of our school building. Ummmm...hello! He wasn't exactly huge, but he was pretty good-sized. My whole fourth grade team of teachers kind of freaked out a little, and the kids, of course, want to get as close as possible. Ummm...hello again! Tarantulas jump! I've seen it, and it's scary. Sooooo....we put a trash can over it. That's right...a trash can. We were going to have the office dispose of it, but I felt kind of bad about it. It's not like he WANTED to come in the school. I mean who does??! :o) We decided to scoot the trash can to get him outside. However problems arose getting him over the lip of the doorway. Shashi(one of my team members) then got crazy with that spider. She was smacking the trash can down behind him to get him to go. He resisted, but we finally got him in the grass...hopefully to kill lots of bugs....OUTSIDE where he belongs.

On another note, Maggie has been having rice cereal for almost a week. She just has it once a day, and she likes it okay. I like that the daycare is the one giving it to her. Ha ha! No messes here. Actually she's not that messy. The very first time that she had it was priceless though. She made the funniest what in the heck is that!!?? Enjoy the baby is growing up!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, it's been a while....

School is just crazy right now. I always feel like it takes me FOREVER to get into the swing of things. This week is nutty because my kiddos are swimming all week. Yep, we swim. Really it's more of a safety thing. They learn how to feel more comfortable in the water. It's fun to watch them improve. The kids are sorted into 4 groups based on their ability. The lowest group is REALLY fun to watch. These kids really start to blossom after a few days, but they are sooooo timid at first. I just don't remember being scared of the water, but many of these are. They call them the Flippers. Here's a funny thing that was overheard.... The Flippers were complaining how they would rather be Dolphins(the group second from the bottom). Then one of my rather bigger kids said, "I don't want to be a dolphin...I want to be Shamu." Ummm......what do you say to that? Anyway, it was funny!

Maggie is coming up on 6 months. It's still a couple of weeks ago, but that just sounds so old. We are STILL working on rolling from back to front. She just can't seem to figure out what to do with her arm. It stops her every time. We MIGHT start some rice cereal this weekend. As of yet, we haven't had any solids. We went to a Kindermusik class tonight. We're in the Sign and Sing group. It's really fun. I think Maggie liked it. Hopefully she'll be signing before I know it. We're also still working on sitting up. She can do it for a short amount of time, but then she messes it up by grabbing her foot and sticking it into her mouth. She loves sucking on her feet right now, but it does make it a little bit hard to balance! It's pretty funny to see her bending like a pretzel. And for those of you who know how much it was bugging me....Maggie is finally supporting her weight. For the longest time, she just wouldn't. I knew it had nothing to do with leg strength since she regularly kicks me....hard. I think she was just being stubborn. I see that streak in her already. What did I expect really!!!???? I'll post some pics hopefully by this weekend. I know. I've been slacking off.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor day fun....

We went to Chuck and Sharon's for our pre-labor day celebration and had barbecue and fun in the pool. The pool was lovely(and heated), and Maggie LOVED it. So funny! She just kicked and acted like she totally knew how to swim. We had such a great time. Aaron's mom Debbie was down this past week. I'll blog about that later. For now, enjoy the pics!!!!