Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sometimes when you get older, you start worrying about "grown up things." Right now I am kind of doing that. I worry there won't be enough money to take care of my parents when they're older. I worry that something bad will happen to them. I worry I am not strong enough to deal with it. Then I think about all the strong people around me and know that they will help carry me. That's all I've got. Have a wonderful week and tell all the people around you just how very much you love them!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I haven't been dishonest, but I've definitely been hiding.....

Okay, the fact of the matter is that Aaron and I decided in June to start trying for a baby. Even though we've only been married a year, our age played into the decision. Yes, we're old. Besides, we're financially stable....blah, blah, blah. So enough background.... We are now 11 weeks pregnant. Apparently our timing happened to coincide with God's timing. :o) So, I'm offically putting it out there. I've had people making comments about it, plus the rumors have already started to fly. It is official. We are pregnant. Like I said, I wasn't really hiding it. We kind of wanted to wait until after the first trimester to really start telling people. My family has had some issues with keeping babies, so I am certainly more than a bit paranoid. So now we can all talk about it and be happy. Some facts for you left brainers out there..... Our due date is March 26. The baby is probably about 2+ inches long at this point. Some blessings....I haven't had any morning sickness at all. I seem to be able to eat just about anything. My personality has pretty much stayed the same. Ha ha! Aaron might disagree with that, but whatever! Anyway, feel free to pass the info around. No more hiding for us! Love you all!!!!!

P.S. to Kelli.....this will not be a baby blog from now on even though I'm sure I'll write about it occasionally...ha ha!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I've been filtered.....

My school has decided to filter out blogs. Yep, I think it's pretty stupid. The worst part about that is that was where I mostly blogged from..... So it's been a while!

Life is good. We're getting ever so much closer to being done on the house. Aaron has been such a trooper. He's been painting and putting up doors all over the house. He's actually planning to repaint our bedroom because I really don't like the color. I think that's so sweet. He wants to get the crown moulding done before his dad and stepmom come in early October. I'm sure it will happen. Aaron doesn't sit around well. He's in constant motion. I on the other hand..... :o)

School has now been in for three weeks. It's going okay. I don't think I have a grip on all of it yet, but I'm getting there. Best news of all is that it's FINALLY getting cooler here. It has been pretty miserable, but it's been getting nicer....AND we've even had some rain. Crazy, I know!!!! Going outside for recess is no longer torture for us. Fun times!

So my husband and I went out to eat with some of our friends after church last night. We split up into a boys table and a girls table. Eating with the ladies....! My friend Becky was telling a story about how she bought the DVD Stargate at Target the other day. The girl that was checking her out was like..."You like sci fi?" It kind of made Becky feel bad. I really couldn't believe it. Do we really need a commentary from folks at the checkout about what we're buying? You think they'd keep their mouths shut and encourage us to buy MORE. That just bugged me! Girls can't like sci fi?? How lame is that anyway?? I LOVE sci fi...books and movies. That doesn't make me weird...just eclectic. Seriously....all you checkers out there listen up. We do not WANT nor do we NEED your okay on our merchandise. Just zip it and ring it up already!

Yep, I do feel better...and I do apologize if I offended any checkers in any of my previous statements. Ha ha!