Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aaron ran a 5K! and other things....

Today was the beginning of Addison Oktoberfest, and Aaron decided to do their 5K. He did so great. I was really proud of him. Maggie wanted to run it too. She's so funny. Maybe she will be a runner like her dad and like that sort of thing. Well, that would be great. He and Maggie can go and run, and Riley and I can wait at the finish line. Works for me!

Riley is starting to look so grown up. I can't believe in less than 3 months she will be one. She is still army crawling which I think is hilarious. Aaron tried to army crawl like her yesterday, and he was exhausted after that. It's funny how she's doing something all the time that is such much harder than regular crawling. She likes to clap a lot and REALLY likes music. I'm kind of hoping that she'll take after me that way. Maggie likes to sing, but it seems to be really calming to Riley. She listens intently and even seems to try to mimic some of my singing.

Maggie is just something else. You can't say anything without her repeating it and throwing it up in your face at interesting moments. Two of her favorite sayings are "Calm down, _____" and "You're driving me crazy!" I might say the second one, but the first one is from Aaron. Her verbal skills are really incredible. I am constantly amazed at how many words/sayings/phrases she picks up. Kids really are sponges.

Aaron and I have been trying to take some nights out to ourselves. It has been really nice. Tonight will be another one of those times. Hooray!!!

Ummm...this is Maggie dancing. Notice the lips. She didn't get this from me!

Usual Maggie face.... She REFUSES to smile for the camera about 99.9% of the time. She's still pretty!

Usual Riley face.... She is so smiley!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riley is 9 months old!!!!!

Riley had a doctor's appointment for her 9 month check-up. Before I know it, she will be one!! It's crazy to think about. Here are her stats...

Weight 18 lbs. 2 oz. 39%
Length 28 in. 75%
Head 17 5/8...not sure on percentile

She also had one shot, and they pricked her finger to check her iron levels which were great apparently. She got so mad at that nurse. It's so funny to watch her get really mad because Riley doesn't do anything halfway. She's either really happy or really angry. There's just not a lot of inbetween. As far as her stats go, she and Maggie were exactly the same on length. Riley's head is a teeny bit smaller, and her weight is a bit over a pound less. I think they would have been exactly the same if Riley didn't have that trouble gaining weight at the beginning. They're starting to look more alike to me now. We'll see how they turn out.