Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Team Pink!!!

We found out today that we are having another girl. Yay!! Two girls and we'll have our complete family of four(plus Puck, of course). We're excited, and everything seemed fine. She weighs about 8 oz. right now. She was so wiggly too. It was fun.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maggie is 15 months!

So, it was time for our 15 month appointment. I was sad to have to take Maggie to this one. That usually gets to be her daddy's job. I know. I'm mean. Anyway, all is good. Maggie REALLY hates it when her ped looks in her ears, but other than that was fine with the exam. However, the THREE shots did not go over well. Really big scream!!!! I always feel so bad, and I am glad that she's so small that she won't remember the shots later....well, I say that anyway. It was so funny to watch her watch the nurse put her gloves on. It was like she knew bad things were coming. We took off her band-aids together this afternoon, and all is well. She doesn't even get a fever, or a red spot or anything. She is a seriously good shot taker.

Here are her stats:

Height 31 3/4 inches--75-90% (she is seriously Aaron's child here)
Weight 23 lbs.--50%
Head--75%....I don't know the actual measurement

I'll add pics later.